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Free up money from your home to do the things you love

If you’re over 55 and own your own home but don’t have enough money to do the things you dream of, equity release could be the answer.

Equity release schemes enable you to borrow money against your home for a range of reasons, including:

to buy a holiday home

to provide an extra source of income

to fund the holiday of a lifetime

to release a cash lump sum

to enable home improvements

to fund long-term care

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Equity release: is it right for me?

Equity release isn’t right for everyone, and there may be more suitable ways for you to raise money. It’s vital to understand the benefits and drawbacks fully before deciding to take out an equity release plan.

As a fully qualified adviser, I’ll guide you through the options – providing tailored advice that suits your circumstances and enables you to achieve your financial goals.

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